Pete Townshend – Keep On Working

Pete Townshend
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исполнитель Pete Townshend

длительность 03:24

размер 4.88 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено glorry

Keep On Working
На гудок
I was digging in the yard today When a letter came from Southampton way Keep on working Keep on working I must admit I was a bit in the red But if you never have pleasure then you could be dead Keep on working Keep on working But there's on thing They can't take away Hear the sea sing See a smiling face I think we're OK Though we all could be mad That's what they say We just can't all be bad I got something now to think about I'll work all day but not to pay it out Keep on working Keep on working Don't care if they say where a dying race I'd rather be here than any other place Keep on working Keep on working And there's another whirl They can't ever touch Just need a boy and girl It don't cost you much And if your luck is in you might have kids at play To make you laugh and sing When you're old and gray
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