Anna Vissi – Lie (Alex Papaconstantinou Club Edit)

Anna Vissi
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исполнитель Anna Vissi

длительность 03:41

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битрейт 128 kbps

загружено glorry

Lie (Alex Papaconstantinou Club Edit)
You don't wanna see my face again You don't even wanna say my name You don't wanna hear a word from me There is nothing to explain You will not forgive me You will not forget You believe that it's all over You hate me, you hate me more and more You say there's no fire burning in your heart You don't need me it's over, it's over You don't feel no pain, there is nothing left You don't love me it's over, it's over Lie lie lie lie say you lie Lie lie lie lie lie Lie lie lie lie say you lie Lie lie lie lie Say you think that what we had is through It will never be the same again And no matter what I say or do It will never stop the rain
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