Cherry Poppin` Daddies – No Mercy For Swine

Cherry Poppin` Daddies
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исполнитель Cherry Poppin` Daddies

длительность 04:02

размер 9.68 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Фет

No Mercy For Swine
Well with bloodshot eyes I'm finally broke I feel like I just had a stroke We made a stain She said my name I drank a thousand beers for that dame Now we're the couple in the corner Tying up our tongues to the percolating Rhythm of the big bass drum She said no jack don't you go back No jack don't you go back So we hit the floor Slicked up to the nines And I tell you there will be No mercy for swine I'm swingin' on the chandelier Drowin' in a thousand beers I've got it down to an art Lonely sex with a desperate heart Is the way to get over someone Just to get under someone else? And show them no mercy No mercy for swine
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