RZA – Fatal

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исполнитель RZA

длительность 03:44

размер 5.36 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

[Intro: Blade: Trinity sample (RZA)] Blade... ready to die? I was born ready, muthafucka (Yo, yo, yo) [RZA] It's the feast of the blood with sin, unleash the beast within I walk around, with the strength, of a hundred men You best to run before I count to ten Blood drippin' from my canine, like a fountain pen It seems I've been asleep for a thousand years The way my world has change, it bring me a thousand tears Prince of darkness, they walk through the rays of light To this beat of empire, I'm the prototype The shape shifting, mirror image, flash phototype To everlast, an original red blood O type He was born perfect, and just like the great white shark, this guy has never had to evolve - sample [Hook 2X: sample] Daywalker, daywalker Daywalker, daywalker [Chorus 2X: RZA] Try to use my name, that's fatal Tried to claim my fame, but that's fatal About to bring the pain, that's fatal Bite through your jugular vein, that's fatal [Hook 2X] [Bridge 4.5X: RZA] Come on, walk with me Come on, walk with me You're not evolving, I must of heard hundreds, and they all, made the same saying Each one of them, in case of the needing of my sword - sample [RZA] I strike back with a vengeance, the father, you're descendents And I can't be deflected, by your silver cross pendants Blood with holy water, you make the false images One swing from the sickle, ahh, your life diminishes Sting like the scorpion, strike with the force of kin My blood is known to be vitalized with corpse of men In the last days, they said the dead would walk again The blind, deaf and the dumb will talk again [Hook 2X] [Chorus] [Hook]
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