Big Tymers – Big Money Heavyweight

Big Tymers
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исполнитель Big Tymers

длительность 03:11

размер 4.59 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

Big Money Heavyweight
[Baby and Mannie Fresh talking] [Baby] Yeah, Big Tymers, this what its hitting for nigga This stunna and fresh, believe that bitch, straight off the block nigga [Fresh] This where it gets gangsta bitch [Baby] (loudly) BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT [Baby] where the cuts is dark and hoes are marked and gun barking make a nigga meet the white chalk (inhales) now blaze one before it all get it started BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] Turn the TV channel, real life soprano got the coke the dope, bitches, guns and ammo I will lurk ya bitch to get filthy rich BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] See I hold my hood down with that gunplay around the way nigga know about my gunplay so get ready, brace yourself or get money then holla BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] I got that snow, that mega blow that brick yella fella rock, is on the block, ya heared me nigga The BT's breaking down Ki's please, we BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] Nigga hustled the case and cleared the safe Hit a lick, hundred chips and cleared the place Another robbery turned into a murder case, behind BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] Act like you know man the southern snow man leave your brains in your lap I fear no man I'm the reaper dude, ask your people dude I move BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] Nigga catch me in the hood smoking la la (la la) Me, Cito, and Troy and we riding fly Shining is an everyday thing BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] That boy next to me, he pushing XTC Got ya girl dick sucking in a lexus jeep Nigga hood rich stars, pushing fly ass cars Bitches love. BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] On the block where the cops glocks won't stop all night hustle niggas trying to weigh it out we get money nigga, if you gonna flip it you get BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] If you don't know kid, I slang that blow shit But they can't catch a nigga like me with no evidence up in my residence Cuz I'm BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] Triple beam lab, ghetto machines Cocaine, Coco leaf, marijuana this is street dreams Biatch, he's out the penn this our life we got. BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] In the Florida Keys my nigga Trick front ki's Hook a buck, half a buck and even OZ's Nigga get ya game up If you want ya fame up, I'm the BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] Big trucks, big nuts, nigga big guns big figgaz, big niggas big hood luv Keep it real and have no fear when it comes to.. BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] Cocaine and Rogaine, I got it cousin Ain't got my money than the mutha fuckin' eagle bustin' You know the real bruh, these niggas kill for the BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Baby] We drive Range Rovers, Cadillacs and Maybachs Game over, bitch nigga we was born soldiers We do it one way, the hard way get it up fasho nigga BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! [Mannie Fresh] For the power of the Kitty Cat Niggaz gettin' at Moving blow out the sto' where they sittin at Please, fuck the cops, niggaz choppin up rocks, to get BIG MONEY HEAVY WEIGHT ! (WEIGHT, WEIGHT, WEIGHT)
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