Big Tymers – This Is How We Do

Big Tymers
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исполнитель Big Tymers

длительность 04:32

размер 6.52 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

This Is How We Do
* first single; send corrections to the typist Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [Chorus - Mannie Fresh] (2x) This how we do it, where I'm from I'm thuggin' in the club, until I see the sun Shi-ine, on my face, got the gun on my waist Walkin to my Escalade, tell them niggaz I'm not afraid To let the ni-ine, sing out, it can ring out [Mannie Fresh] Got one more minute, hold that call Two drunk players leaning on the wall Three crazy niggaz screamin, alcohol Four more niggaz claimin' that they ball Five bartenders and they all want leave Six ugly bitches with some fucked up weaves Seven dyked broads and they all look rough Eight niggaz hollerin', don't fuck wit us Nine bitches runnin' off at the mouth Ten bitches trying to hear what they talkin' about Eleven cute shorties in the whole damn club Twelve wannabe, gonna be, nothin' but scrubs Thirteen fights, niggaz, bitches and dykes Fourteen police reading niggaz they rights Fifteen minutes on interstate-10 At the strip club, we gon' do it again - whoa [Chorus: Mannie Fresh] (2x) [Baby] Comin' through my hood on spinnin' blades Mami know my name, niggaz know I don't play Jump out the whip, and we blaze in the shade Cause I gotta get straight, got an ounce of that haze Early birds don't play, makin' drops in the spots We struggle, but we hustle, man we hustle 'round the clock Goin' to the club, where the bottles gon' pop We VIP nigga, so them bitches gon' jock Laid Back on them 23s Escalade all green, Cadillac lean, who that be nigga? (Hello) You know that be Baby, he goin' to the club in somethin' updated Porsche trucks, Infinity graded Gotta give props to the man that made me Red Gold, I start it went crazy Afford to stunt, niggaz, stay in y'all places [Chorus: Mannie Fresh] (2x) [Mannie Fresh] Pimp, picture me and your misses, lit up like Christmas I look her in her eyes, and ask her could she kiss this I do you, but never ever him He is a wimp, and you is a pimp Then she goes down, to my brown One eye, big guy, hear that sound? Slurp, slurp, take that spit (music stops) Turn everything off bruh Check out my outfit (music resumes) [Baby] I'm in the club smokin' buds with my thugs Hoes show me love, and I never been a scrub I'm walkin' out, thought lil' one had a grudge She the one he love, so I hit 'em with a dub (that's nothin' lil' one) I'm in an Escalade faded, waistline crazy The yellow-gold stealth, faded Got the chrome, nigga, plated Hoes gon' love it, but these busters gon' hate it [Chorus: Mannie Fresh] (Fade To End)
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