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Mandragora Scream – Rainbow Seeker

Mandragora Scream
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исполнитель Mandragora Scream

правообладатель Warner Music Group (East West Records Germany)

длительность 06:13

размер 10.14 MB

битрейт 224 kbps

загружено livettora

Rainbow Seeker
It's cold...I feel lured in my mud-eyes... I see you layin' by the pond And I can laugh and I can cry I want to kiss your lifeless hair... I'm tryin' to embellish my rainbow now eerie glow... I need more orphan's eyes, shiftin' colours for my rainbow Feminie eyes' light I seek all over Come to my castle of flames over the forests...you'll be dressed Welcome to all the secrets of my gloomy life Touchin' the glass doors look at the crescent moon I'm tryin' to embellish my rainbow now. Stay with me! Trails of lightyour wore...forever lost I will guide you, through iron gate doors I never leave you, I never flee from you. No more weepin' No more tears,my fairy.Stay with me and you will wear eternal life's light I saw my years pass through our lives. Exquisite perfumes, golden shades Ancient tapestries and more...but she wants a little knight Runni' after in the castle 's hallways Goodnight kissin' at nightfall, she loves her child Throughout, life like a percious gift for her For my rainbow feminine eyes' light I seek all over...Come to my castle of flames Over the forest. You''l be dressed with clothes of wind, Stay with me and you will wear eternal life's light.
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