Buckshot Lefonque – Another Day

Buckshot Lefonque
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исполнитель Buckshot Lefonque

длительность 03:38

размер 3.49 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено keits

Another Day
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Another day Staring out of my window Thinkin' 'bout tomorrow Wishing things would clear No nee to rush I ain't gonna worry Any moment my sorrow Is bound to disappear Chorus: Sometimes I tell myself I'm better off without you And then I have to face the emptiness I feel inside without you And find a way to make it through another day I need a way to find the truth within me Accept the fact that I love you My blue eternity I hear they say What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I must have the heart of a lion Sifting through love's remains Chorus: My love for you is etched Forever in my memory Now I realize that life goes on Even though you're not here with me I wake up looking forward to another day A day of living without you Just another day
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