Breaking Benjamin – Firefly

Breaking Benjamin
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исполнитель Breaking Benjamin

длительность 03:08

размер 6.01 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено C00LM4N

You're my friend You're not like them but I caught your lie and you know I did Now I'm lost in you like I always do And I'm dying to win 'cause I'm born to lose [Chorus:] Firefly could you shut your lie Now I know your ways 'cause they're just like mine Now I"m justified as I fall in line and it's hard to try when they're open wide Take my hand Peal me up and then we'll come back again to a different when Now I like this way you can't go away If you catch the name you could not replace [chorus] Bring me your enemies Lay them before me And walk away [chorus] Fuck you firefly Have you lost your light Now I hate your ways 'cause they're just like mine So you lost my friend such a sorry end Now I don't know why so I joke and smile
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