Lita Ford – War Of The Angels

Lita Ford
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исполнитель Lita Ford

длительность 04:48

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загружено tontons

War Of The Angels
(Ford,Ehmig) She runs through the streets, so desperately young Her eyes aflame, and her mind undone She aches for the songs, that will never be sung And the heroes so quickly forgotten She sees a friend, in the church yard light Laughing and joking and talking to the sky Shots ring out, and he hits the ground He never opens his eyes And she cries *Heaven is closed to the angels below Streets of gold are now paved with sorrow God only knows what happens to love When the innocence is gone And the war of the angels has begun The ghosts in her head, have faces and names TheyВґre soldiers and children, all one in the same In the streets and the alleys, hear the battle cries sound And the angels run for cover As the world comes tumbling down All through the night the battle is fought They can never win back the lives theyВґve lost Down on her knees, in the tear stained dawn She just closes her eyes and whispers goodbye *chorus Another day in the neighborhood Better dry your eyes and be off to school She packs her lunch and her daddyВґs gun Seems much too old to be so young The battle begins the day that youВґre born Into this world, so heartsick and war torn Somebody better come and carry her away Maybe this angel will live... To fly again someday *chorus
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