R.a.s.t.a – Drama

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исполнитель R.a.s.t.a

длительность 02:31

размер 2.42 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено DJ-666

На гудок
Cruisin' for a bruisin',I'm talkin' no crap Pipe bomb in my trunk,got a nine in my lap I'm layin' for a sprayin',tonight there's no playin' My posse's most strapped,tonight the crew's weighin' Dust is burnin',the steering wheel's turnin' I'm out a week,I'm already earnin' Suckers crossed,tonight it's their loss Payback time,boy,life's the cost Gauges out the window,one lay cross the roof They all die if those suckers ain't bullet proof I'm rollin' death tollin',of course the car's stolen But I'm blind to what's wrong,all I want is what's golden A fool in a fight,too dumb to know right Fuckin' blue light-read'em their rights Drama (x4) Copped an alias bailed out in an hour or less I keep a bank for that don't know about the rest Copped another piece,hit the dark streets Rollin' once again,fuck the damn police Called up my friend JOE, a roof job pro,459 on his mind car stereos He said the spot was sleep,he cased the joint a week 3 a.m. on the dot inside we creep Got Alpines,Fishes,JVC's, Motorola Phones,Sony Color TV's Had the hide packed up till we heard freeze Fuckin' blue lights-read'em their rights Drama (x4) 4 in the morning,lights in my face That's the time,you know the place Cuffed in the room with the two-way glass Detects in effect cold doggin' my ass What's your date of birth?...What's your real name? I stuck to my alias,I know the game If they don't know who you are,then they don't know what you've done You're just makin' this harder on yourself,son I know this shit by heart,I'm too clever Have you ever been arrested before? Nope,never Da reject all over his face You see no confession,no case Then my boy started illin',talkin' and tellin' Son of a bitch-he was a snitch Drama (x6) Under I went,I caught a case and half He dropped the mallet,then the judge laughed Now I'm in the penzo,chillin' like a real pro I can't move until the man says go A puppet of the big game,an institutional thing I wouldn't be here if I fed my brain Got knowledge from school books,instead of street crooks Now all I get is penitentiary hard looks The joint is like an oven of caged heat You're just a number,another piece of tough meat Killers and robbers are all you great Act soft you will get beat On death row they got their own hot seat For those who feel that they are truly elite The last thing you see's a priest The lights dim-your life ends Drama
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