Jerry Lee Lewis – Another Place, Another Time

Jerry Lee Lewis
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исполнитель Jerry Lee Lewis

длительность 02:27

размер 5.88 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Фет

Another Place, Another Time
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One by one they're turning out the lights I've been feedin' that ol' jukebox just to hold you tight I guess its for the best I just put in my last dime I heard you whisper "We'll meet again, another place, another time" Chairs are stacked all over tables its closing time they say I could wait right here forever if they'd only let me stay Anywhere would be much better than lonley room of mine Throug a lonely night a waitin' for Another place, Another time Won't that room of mine be a lonely place to be I've been so used to holding you close to me Won't that old stairway be hard to climb To a lonley room waiting for another place, another time Won't that old stairway be hard to climb To a lonely room to wait for Another Place, Another Time
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