Flip & Fill – Shooting Star

Flip & Fill
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исполнитель Flip & Fill

длительность 04:13

размер 4.09 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Daizy

Shooting Star
[Where where yout wot hold my hand?] [Hold my hand]x3 Where were you to hold my hand Do the things that we had planned Guess I need you by my side when things go crazy I just need to know you care Gurantee that you'll be there When I wake up in the night Will you be my guiding light? I don't care how far I'll take you there Tonight, just tell me where you are And everything's gonna be alright CHORUS Like a shooting star Across the midnight sky Wanna fly, just to be with you tonight x2 [Where were you to hold my hand?] Repeat verse Like a shooting star Across the midnight sky Wherever you are you're gonna see me fly CHORUS
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