Sonic Youth – Hey Joni

Sonic Youth
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исполнитель Sonic Youth

длительность 04:23

размер 10.53 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Фет

Hey Joni
На гудок
[lee] Hey joni put it all behind you Hey joni now Ive put it all behind me too These times cant add up Yr life is such a mess Forget the past, and just say yes Tell me joni, am I the one To see you through? In this broken town can you still jack in And know what to do? I remember our youth, our high ideals I remember you were so uptight That time in the trees, we broke that vice We took some steps and now We cant think twice Tell me joni, am I right by you? Tell me how yr gonna lose this hard luck? Hey joni, when will all these dreams come true? Youd better find a way To climb down off that truck Shots ring out from the center of an empty field Jonis in the tall grass Shes a beautiful mental jukebox A sailboat explosion A snap of electric whipcrack Shes not thinking about the future Shes not spinning her wheels She doesnt think at all about the past She thinking long and hard About that high wild sound And wondering will it last? Kick it Hey joni, put it all behind you Theres something turning, joni, turning right to you My head burns, but I know youll speak the truth, hey! Hey joni, put it all behind you Hey joni, now Ive put it all behind me too Forget the future These times are such a mess Tune out the past, and just say yes Its 1963 Its 1964 Its 1957 Its 1962 Put it all behind you Now its all behind you
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