Staind – Please

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исполнитель Staind

жанр Альтернатива, Рок

длительность 04:25

размер 8.03 MB

битрейт 242 kbps

Failed to see I'm sick of this chances are you are oblivious to how I feel standing on your throne and I'm sure that I'm not alone, not alone, not alone. Tell me please, who the fuck do you want me to be? Was there something I couldn't see? Never knew this would be so political and please I'm still wearing this miserable skin and its starting to come from within but it's obvious that doesn't bother you, so please I didn't think that you'd sell me out now I know what you're all about. You might feel in control of things. But you're not holding all the strings. All the strings, all the strings. Swallow all your anger I've swallowed all my pride you used up all your chances to keep this all inside tell me please. So please don't be telling me its ok I don't buy all the shit that you say and quite honestly I'm fucking sick of it so please if I cut off this nose from my face then I wouldn't feel so out of place but it still wouldn't be quite enough for you, so please.
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