Richard Marx – Someone Special

Richard Marx
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исполнитель Richard Marx

длительность 04:13

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Someone Special
На гудок
I've lived life in a single room Hiding my scars from the moon I dream my dreams in the light Rehearse the lines I already know Basking in the tv's glow And pray that tonight is the night Ooh, there's gotta be more than this A future hanging on a stranger's kiss Could it be I'm not so alone Chorus I'm someone special I'm just in disguise I may not be perfect In everyone's eyes It may not be tomorrow But I still believe There's someone special Waiting out there for me I guess the joke hasn't hit me yet Cause I'm still waiting on my Juliet She must be held up somewhere Ooh, she will be the air I breathe She'll come for good and never want to leave And I'll love her only, I swear People say there must be something wrong For me to be all alone so long And their words hit me like a stone Chorus Lying in bed in a cold, cold sweat Dreaming 'bout women I'll never get I won't always be sleeping alone Chorus
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