Britney Spears – Walk on by

Britney Spears
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исполнитель Britney Spears

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

жанр Поп

длительность 03:31

размер 4.23 MB

битрейт 160 kbps

загружено serij007

Walk on by
На гудок
I'm having a party tonight Only you can make it right If I can be with you holding you tight There won't be more lonely nights BRIDGE Everywhere I turn I see your face reminding me of a higher place Everytime you smile, angels fly Everytime you walk on by CHORUS I'm not the only feeling lonely Everytime you walk on by I try to say something But it comes out as nothing Everytime you walk on by (Everytime you walk on by) I keep my cool, I pretend I'm not here Everytime you come too near I'm such a fool cuz this love is true And if I don't tell you sureley someone else will BRIDGE/CHORUS Feeling lonely If I ever see you again This craziness must finally end And I promise myself... CHORUS x3 Everytime you walk on by
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