Sandy – Bad Boy

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исполнитель Sandy

длительность 03:51

размер 3.70 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Elshad

Bad Boy
I want a bad boy I want a bad boy I want a bad boy I want a bad boy Papa going fe lick me if me not leave the bad man My mum she's crying lord have mercy, you better run come She asks but wait, i don't know how you grow up so facety But you don't see little boy them growing up much too lazy Them want to whine and grind and then him leave you my daughter Then buck up on another and take what him after He tease you with him toy ad then whip your backside He'll put you on the train and then catch the ride Papa him say the english man, him too arty-farty My mum she say the german man, him too lardy-dardy Boys from kingston town, them got some temper too fiery Them smoking too much ganja and feeling too irie You must be careful if by chance you buck upon the itie Run go tell your friend and don't look in the brown eye The african man him fool you with him heritage and self pride Just jump around and tell him goon and catch the ride No no, I want a bad boy No no, let's play with your toy No no, I want a bad boy The kind of guy for me
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