La Roux – As if by magic

La Roux
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исполнитель La Roux

длительность 03:52

размер 5.55 MB

битрейт 191 kbps

загружено keits

As if by magic
Emerging from my world Imagine living in a box And I won't come out Until I've broken all the locks Slurring all my words Until something sticks But in this smoky universe My mind keeps playing tricks [Chorus:] And although You're the only home I know As if by magic Thoughts of you are gone And now I'm keeping my head in the clouds And it's not so tragic If I don't look down Submerging from your world And back into my bliss A day rolled into one Is burning on my lips Blurring all your words Until they don't exist And in a parallel universe It's me you can't resist [Chorus] You say I'm a rose tinted lover, come on You know I'll never love another I won't stay a lonely lover for long
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