Poets Of The Fall – Overboard

Poets Of The Fall
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исполнитель Poets Of The Fall

правообладатель Студия Союз

длительность 04:48

размер 11.52 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

I see you crying and it rains, washing away the bad days, washing away the pain loss brings... And then you smile though it aches, cos you don't believe in mistakes, just that we made a mess of things... When the deal that you made with love is just a one way street, a one way street, you feel you'll go overboard, cos you're incomplete, incomplete. You're not afraid to rely on any way you can try to learn to make some sense of things. And the way you say we'll get by, with a little laugh we can fly, you know the measure of hope that brings. I hear you laughing like a child, instead of choking all riled, instead of staring at shortcomings. Just like the rain when you cried washed all the stains of false pride, you'll learn to make the best of things. Have a little more of not enough More of what is less but isn't love Little of the same you're dreaming of That's enough, that's enough.
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