Bastian Van Shield – With Dust (Original Radio Mix)

Bastian Van Shield
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исполнитель Bastian Van Shield

жанр Поп, Электроника

длительность 03:00

размер 4.51 MB

битрейт 200 kbps

загружено Тanita

With Dust (Original Radio Mix)
На гудок
You think you know Tell me baby why you stop you go, Defences calls you into far, Why don’t you let down your guard. You fall you crash, Don’t you worry cause is it sin, the bad, Don’t you know that I know You know what they do ain’t working Oh baby oh, Let yourself disappear, Into the atmosphere And leave them with dust. Oh baby oh, Don’t know where we go from here, But I know if we disappear, We’ll leave them dust
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