Inme – Neptune

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исполнитель Inme

длительность 03:49

размер 5.48 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

I wish I had a different star, I wish I had a different silhouette, You decrease me, you seclude me, aggravate me and you made me, What I am today, This is the way forward, You are the way backward, And left you all behind, I wish we could communicate, Despite the fact you'd hate me anyway, You seduce me, you abuse me, you frustrate me and amaze me, What is wrong with me? It's bad enough that you could say that, It's bad enough, I wish that I could trade these eyes, Because now I only despise my own lies, You sedate me, elevate me, incarcerate me, you hate me, Neptune in the sea
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