All That Remains – Shading

All That Remains
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исполнитель All That Remains

длительность 03:51

размер 5.07 MB

битрейт 175 kbps

загружено Jubby

US-VA true
На гудок
i've seen through the shading and down to what's within reaching you will feel me lost and alone you said i was what you were looking for so why do i feel so empty and it seemed so real pulled from my grasp taken away am i nothing in your eyes reaching out i feel you were pulling away, never letting me in i am nothing in your eyes day in day out i see you live your life again a fool i stand here in waiting in letters words and pictures you profess your love to me and to the last they were lies the malice i should feel for you deceitfulness some how always escapes me and in the shading between the words you said to me i know i'd be left empty
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