Hollywood Undead – This Love, This Hate

Hollywood Undead
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исполнитель Hollywood Undead

жанр Альтернатива

длительность 03:57

размер 9.56 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

This Love, This Hate
In a time of need only few can see what's wrong millions tend to crawl but only those who choose can make it through this all, only few can sing like lions 'cause we sing until we're gone and we've got each others backs until we're back where we belong, a woman held my shield and through the battle we did wrong, a man who taught me wisdom through the static we recall, and maybe when we' re gone our names will echo through the stars, every start's got it's ending even when we've learned to rise above it all, [Chorus:] These lies are leading me astray its too much for me to stay I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly I see you so please stay strong I'll sing you one last song and then I'm gone I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly And we once also had a story too you can see that good men only come in few. Even in our greatest moments we may win or we may lose every song's got it's rules, you've got to learn to make it through. Maybe one day we can choose how it feels to be a woman or a man without rules but burried underneath there's a picture glued. So when my body burns in ashes only sing the truth Let these words strengthen all your views because these words were meant for you [Chorus] An' now I'm floatin' right above my coffin as it closes I look down I see sigh as she's cryin on my moma's shoulder. I look up into the sky as the gates to heaven open somethin's wrong is this destiny or am I goin' home, what will happen to my soul will I come back I don't know, will you meet me when its over let me know, You can meet me here in heaven don't you ever let me go This love this hate is burning me away [Chorus] This love this hate is burning me away
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