Ana Johnsson – Life

Ana Johnsson
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исполнитель Ana Johnsson

длительность 03:06

размер 4.46 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Keits

Made of love Made of sin Mayday - calling form outer space I dive in Here I am Breathing, I`m a miracle I`m on fire - I`m cold I can`t be controlled I`m alive and I`m dead And I`m ready for the take off Life! Life! Shocking irresistible Life! Life! Crazy unpredictable You go Hu Hu Hu If you want some action Shocking irresistible Got no fear I feel no pain Only blood rushing on its way Through my veins Here I am Breathing, I`m invincible I am great but I`m small I`m a brick in a wall I`m alive and I`m dead And I`m ready to take off Big bang beating a distant drum Hear the echoes fill the night Big bang making the walls come down For the children of the light I dive right in...
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