The Jeff Healey Band – Full Circle

The Jeff Healey Band
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исполнитель The Jeff Healey Band

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment , Sony Music Entertainment Arista/Legacy, Sony Music Entertainment Arista/BMG Heritage

длительность 04:14

размер 10.28 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Фет

Full Circle
You give me ev'rything you got Then take it away You know you're driving me crazy How long will I have to pay? You keep me waiting endlessly in this misery Hey! Around and 'round your lovin' goes Where it stops, ain't nobody knows Full circle You got me runnin' while you're keepin' me standing still Full circle Anything you want me to do, girl, you know I will Girl, you know I will When you cruise down the boulevard, all the guys know your name You get their engines runnin', yeah They're all sparked by your flame You tempt me with your burnin' fire, lost in my desire, yeah You don't know what you've out me through It keeps me spinnin' when I can't have you It's hard to get you out of my head I try to set myself free But just like a bad habit, you always catch up with me Yeah! Around and 'round your lovin' goes Where it stops, ain't nobody knows Full circle Got me runnin' in a full circle, I'm goin' crazy Full circle You got me a-runnin', girl Full circle Oh! Full circle Got me runnin' and I'm full circle I'm goin' crazy, girl Full circle Keep me a-runnin' 'round a full circle Woo! Hey, you got me spinnin' 'round! Ah, yeah! Goin' out of my mind, baby, yeah Hey!
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