Sikth – Peep Show

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исполнитель Sikth

длительность 04:11

размер 6.01 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено made

Peep Show
An inquisitive mind Will always tune into the world beyond. Curiously you'll find yourself Observing it all with intrigue. So keep a close eye Such a detailed awareness Helps you to feel alive... You're always watching, But it's only watching. This voice so confident And proud of chanting opinions Stuck in his verbal crusade Ranting an invented position You're only ever a witness To what you want to see You're glorifying this misperception. So fill your head With what you think you understand. My ears grow tired Of listening to this constant recital Lend yourself only when it suits For this worthy cause, for this worthy cause Feed the elevation that you so desperately, so desperately... In all these words in which you preach I would have thought you'd act. But you're sitting too comfortably In a land so distant Watching for entertainment... And in this voice of confidence Too proud to admit flawed opinions Bound to his verbal crusade Preaching his invented position. These tones will always Deceive the unfamiliar Still glorifying your misperception. So in love with the sound of you own voice And why? You would talk for eternity The watcher runs With the circles of his debate And in the end, what's been achieved?
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