Silverstein – Smashed Into Pieces

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исполнитель Silverstein

длительность 03:43

размер 5.34 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено made

Smashed Into Pieces
Never again. Ill slit my throat with the knife I pulled out of my spine. maybe when you find out that Im dead, youll realize what you did to me. and if my lungs still let me breathe, would you be there for me? if I can make myself believe, Ill give you back what you took away. no, I wont let it go. douse myself in gasoline. so dont save me when you come into the fire. Id rather die than have to see your smile. you made me swear. I cant sleep. realize all these things that you took from me. smash my heart into dust. suffocate my mind. tear at me from inside. smash apart what you created. how can I ever stop you from crushing my soul? it was yours to begin with.

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