Wu-Tang Clan – Let My Niggas Live (feat. Nas)

Wu-Tang Clan
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исполнитель Wu-Tang Clan

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

длительность 04:30

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Let My Niggas Live (feat. Nas)
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[Intro Skit] Someday I'm gonna be walkin down the streets, mindin my own business.. and BAM!! I'm gon' be shot by some pig who's gonna SWEAR that it was a mistake. I accept that as a part of my destiny! (Si es mi destino morir en la calle como un perro! Hahaha) [Raekwon the Chef] Whattup kid? That's right.. Yo.. aiyyo.. aiyyo.. [Chorus: Raekwon] Aiyyo let my niggas live We show and prove get paper, catch me in the caper on shrooms yo Let my niggas live We real niggas that's God-body, challenge anything, make major moves Let my niggas live We giants, live off the land lions, post with iron, no pryin rules Let my niggas live; aiyyo let my niggas live Handle your bid and kill no kids [Raekwon the Chef] Millionaire feat, whole family eat; yo, y'all niggas is weak Got a bird beak, chirp chirp speak Kids that's rich that'll, run in your bitch and by the third week Yo mark my word, me and my herb speak That's that fire move like Schwinns yo Invisible pens that write light, leave blends Hit with the JF Kennedy shot Smash with the Acapulco rifle got got Bolt off, but got clocked Legendary here, custom made it, shit bladed, word up Design your alphabet, reps get graded We in get-high saloons, big bag of shrooms, arm's length Home of Allah's ten big rooms So what we up in here, modelin large with rigorous moves Exotic Gods bust my hammer at frauds Call him a live merchant, dressed in all red, that's right y'all Gucci jumper X-5, gettin more head [Chorus] [Nas] I scream at the mirror, curse, askin God, "Why me?" Run in the black church, gun in my hand, y'all try me I'm God-son, son of man, son of Marcus Garvey Rastafari irie, Ha-ile Selassie Police'll try to break us, but the streets raised us It takes more than metal bars, we destined for ours I hear murder plans from dopefiends, with elephant hands Snots in they nostril, the blocks is hostile There's no pots to piss in, glocks is spittin Rocks cookin underground bodies stiffin, cops look at bird shit Drop on the window pane, the oxygen is cocaine It drove lots of men to die with no name I been on boats, nut down throats, pee on bitches who famous Pretty dick, puttin stitches in they anus I'm the animal that Hugh Heffner created The only nigga Sade dated, the most hated, Nas nigga [Chorus] [Inspectah Deck] Roughneck reppin the set, bang 'em twice in the neck C.O. flip and jerk the whole yard rec Block vets, pop barettas glocks and tecs You're no threat, gun talk, the language of the project Checkin shorty with the +Black Tail+ stance, leapord pants Yellin fuck her man, makin killings off her lap dance Plus the young guns runnin the slums, funds is major Drugged out, got you huntin for crumbs stuck to the razor Semi-autos roar in the building hall Symptoms of bloodsport, the slugs are still in wall Call it a New York state of mind, gotta take mine In the daytime, the Jakes'll hit ya forty-one times So I live by the sword and obey hood laws Make my team click like high heels on wood floors [Chorus]
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