Wu-Tang Clan – Babies

Wu-Tang Clan
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исполнитель Wu-Tang Clan

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment LOUD Records

длительность 05:08

размер 12.47 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено Фет

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[Intro/Chorus: Madame D] Light is shinin.. beauty sunshine Here comes one-time.. the ball was so fine Heat is blazin.. the kids were playin His partner was shady.. tryin to slave the babies [Ghostface Killah] Aiyyo they didn't know the cop was crooked, he had blow out in Brooklyn All this while he let the fiends cook it The baseheads stirred it up, plus they got to blow it up Dropped it off in the PJ's and they bigged it up Then one day, shit jumped off real crazy The middle of a bathroom they find an old lady No clothes, half of her tongue, ear missin The killer had to be mad smart, he wore mittens Even though her leg was bitten Crackheads point the finger at Detective Slick Morris Gittins Paleface cop who done popped the best And got the chop on his neck from when he knocked Celeste It was a slug, drug, he pressured everybody on the block Some niggaz know him as the Godson of Gotti And his black partner, he was scared to speak He saw how they planted weapons on these kids in the street He saw like over fifty bodies in like fifty-two weeks He saw his colleague pick up money before leavin his beat They call him desk duty, Robocop Younger dudes call him Freddy Krugs from the way he walk on the block [Chorus] [Raekwon the Chef] Heard the disturbance out the window, oh shit they got my son Pulled over his Tempo, Brenda dropped the endo Had her little nephew with her yo she didn't care They always harassed her, until she blew the captain with a razor His partner turned red in his waist, Mase done smacked her with the walkie, yoked her then slammed her on her face He bugged on her like she was drugged, plugged one in her The fifth relaxed her like a big thug pistol whipped her Heard she was dusted, musta been the way they threw the cuffs on her She broke the shits, went and rushed the kid Wavin her hands, she had a half an axe, all in her tracks He grabbed her by the air, she broke his jaw it cracked More cops arrived, they both bloodied down by the five Wildest niggaz just smilin cause it look live They gave her forty years in New Orleans, callin me wodie Shorty was young, by three days had a great bid [Chorus] [GZA] You're just worms in the worst part of the apple that's rotten You squirm and you turn from the right, still plottin All slimy cause you stay grimy, petty crimey cat You sometime me, don't need to remind me about livin in the core, with the scramblers in front of the store The bum holdin the door, the mugging no one saw We played ball in the alley where dope was shot raw And the school they kept flawed, plus the lowest test scores Small percentage determined to strengthen they position Transformation from critical to, stable condition But it still be obstacles on niggaz that's optical Watchin you like salt-water sharks that's tropical The money was the root and it's the instinct to make it With they pockets and fridge naked, many aim to take it Whether - hold up, set up, stabbin or a wet up Just to know it was the kid next door fizzucked your head up Once he fell short, frequently visit the courts And for some, another way out, is music and sports That's why I, keep the rhyme just as fly as a shot that won the championship, with just oh on the clock [Chorus] - repeat 2X
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