Kosheen – Resist

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исполнитель Kosheen

длительность 04:47

размер 4.59 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено F-k

How are we resisting A life like this? Dramatised and twisted With every kiss And in the far-off distance Our fading memory The symbol for existence Of you and me (CHORUS:) Just looking at you You're out of control Your're always talking That look on your face You're out of your mind You're always talking You lie through your teeth You scatch underneath You're old but I'm dead Just looking at you You're out of control You're always talking (END CHORUS) Don't rely on his reflection It'll come undone The hurt of his rejection Won't be the only word Thankyou for showing me Who you are When all that we have left now I woundes and scares CHORUS CHORUS
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