Haddaway – Another Day Without You

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исполнитель Haddaway

правообладатель ПМИ, Интерактив

жанр Электроника, Поп, Танцевальная

длительность 04:41

размер 4.50 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

Another Day Without You
There are moments in our lives When everyting goes right And we're making love Endless love And then we have all these days Where we go separate ways A heart full of pain And no one's to blame It's just another day Without you Without you It's just another day Without you Without you Many times we throw away What we regret teh next day And we say Good-Bye Forever Good-Bye!! And I don't know wht it is Just a game of hit and miss? I wonder how long We can go on?
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