Girls Aloud – On My Way to Satisfaction

Girls Aloud
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исполнитель Girls Aloud

длительность 04:06

размер 3.94 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Бубль Гум

On My Way to Satisfaction
I overheard all the people just the other day Saying, where we going Friday? Hope you got what it takes, don't apply the brakes We'll push right through til Sunday Hey-e-ey-e-yeah Don't you know I saved a spot for you? And I-e-I-e-I I wanna introduce you to my crew So what do you say? Am I gonna, get my way? I don't need your permission You're uptight and it don't look right You've gotta share my vision Oh yeah, morning, midnight, When d'you wanna get it on? Oh yeah, morning, midnight, When d'you wanna get it on? Take advice from my best friend She said we'll get those boys til ? them in She said you been searching for too long And don't stop now, you know you gotta get it on Don't get home 'til the morning Not til the sky is bright And we'll never take dawn as a warning Not while this club's still alive And then we'll dance, have a snog and another tequila I'm getting hotter this close to you 'Cause hedonism's all about your human behaviour And you're a rockstar through and through! I overhear them say: They're getting down before too long The boys are looking so so Girls are looking more so The guys get wrecked while the night's still young Will he go wrong? They're coming on strong Oh no, you think that you get your own way On the edge, but you could go either way DJ, I'll give you a record to play Have a taste, you could crank up the bass Make him play me Try to enrage me Well they can have a go but they could never break me I'm feeling red raw Got what I came for I'll see you in the middle of a crowded dancefloor Run to your mama, hide up in your bedroom I've got you cornered, it's no use I know I heard that your sister still has to babysit you You've gone red in the face. On my way To satisfaction How I love (yeah) Your reaction On my way To satisfaction How I love (yeah) Your reaction
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