Rob Thomas – My, My, My

Rob Thomas
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исполнитель Rob Thomas

правообладатель Warner Music Group (Atlantic Recording Corp.)

длительность 04:19

размер 6.96 MB

битрейт 215 kbps

загружено Бубль Гум

My, My, My
The light from the window is fading You turn on the night The sound from the avenue's calling you Open your eyes And when you find You're spending your time Wanting for words But never speak You tell yourself That the things you need come slow But inside you just don't know My, my, my Let your bright light shine Let your words live on Far beyond this life Beyond this life Hold on to anything Everything's over and done Has the fear taken over you Tell me Is that what you want To make up your life Time after time You're falling behind Hold on to me Never leave Forever be what you mean to me right now Don't you feel better now
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