Kiss – No, No, No

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исполнитель Kiss

длительность 04:18

размер 4.13 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено eagle3

No, No, No
Yeah, i'm down and out, but don't count me out Listen here babe, gonna show you what it's all about It's time for love, and you're welcome to it It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it So here i am, do you want me now, just show me where, and i'll show you how I wanna know Chorus: No, no, no - don't say you won't if you will No, no, no, no - don't say you've had your thrill No, no, no - don't say you can't 'cause you can No, no, no, no - baby don't say no, no, no What's mine is mine, and yours is mine Baby just sign on the dotted line You got nine lives, like an alley cat Just stick with me and i'll show you where it's at You never lied, so take a bow, that was then, babe, and this is now I wanna know Chorus Just when you thought it was s-s-safe Gonna show you where, gonna show you how Don't stop me now, got my foot in the door Ooh, don't say no! don't say no! no, no, no! Chorus No, no, no No, no, no, no
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