P.O.D. – Here We Go

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исполнитель P.O.D.

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

длительность 03:28

размер 5.00 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Nightwalker

Here We Go
He never knew the meaning Of love until he'd seen her Oh man, she really drives him crazy And she knows what she's doing Heart aches, he can't fight this feeling And won't stop until he tells her She is his one and only lady And you got to believe me It's what he said, what he said This is what he said [Chorus:] If you take my hand We can run away Stay close to my love 'Cause here we go again Don't let go of my hand So we can fly away If you trust in my love This will never end She never did believe in Love until she'd seen him He's got to be pretty amazing For her to share what she's feeling She takes the chance, time for living If she wants to get with him She said you're gonna think I'm crazy But you got to believe me It's what she said, what she said This is what she said [Chorus] Seems like we spend so much time Driving this to its knees I guess I won't really mind If we're living for you and me And this is what we said [Chorus]
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