Diary Of Dreams – But the wind was stronger

Diary Of Dreams
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исполнитель Diary Of Dreams

длительность 08:26

размер 10.13 MB

битрейт 160 kbps

загружено stokrota

But the wind was stronger
Wind o` carry me away Guide my angels -unlink their chains Words find echoes in my past My delusion now unmasked I dare to touch this bodies surface Temptation blinding my resistance I could linger so much longer But the wind was stronger Yes I know my eyes are sinning Longing for what is not mine Defend her purity with mercy Thread my guts, cut off my tongue Merge my conflict with the wind Mesmerise my childish instincts Then I will not suffer any longer But still the wind was stronger My puppets, angels, dolls and she Starring, whispering at me Ready to drop - in chains paralysed On naked skin I feel their glares Embarrassed of what they might see I cannot speak, I cannot think Scared to death I move no longer Yes, I guess the wind was stronger
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