Bullet For My Valentine – 4 Words (To Choke Upon)

Bullet For My Valentine
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исполнитель Bullet For My Valentine

длительность 03:43

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4 Words (To Choke Upon)
Betrayed one more time, But somwhere down that line, You're gonna get what's, Coming to you. Look at me now Look at me now Look at me now. Pull it out from my back, Soon i'm the one, That's on attack, can't wait to return the favour. Look at me now Look at me now Look at me now. Too many times i've seen it, rip a hole into our friendship, This is how it's been, How it always will be. You think you're above me, You think you're above me But now i'm here to envy, Four Words To Choke Upon, Look. At. Me. Now.
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