Sonic Syndicate – Lament Of Innocence

Sonic Syndicate
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исполнитель Sonic Syndicate

длительность 03:44

размер 5.15 MB

битрейт 184 kbps

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Lament Of Innocence
На гудок
You cut my wings and throw me out Out to the land, my soul was harvested from I have never done anything to you You never made my dreams come true But this deceit will cost you all I have never, never believed in you... If you are my Abel I will be your Kain In this lament of innocence If you are a fire I will be the rain I will always be your bane THORN IN MY MIND THE OATH I SWORE LEFT ME BEHIND I`VE DONE NOTHING WRONG YOUR UNFORGIVABLE MISTREAT WON´T COME CHEAP FOR YOUR KIND My hatred will never run dry You’ll always be the one I defy Until the deceiver will be dethroned And consumed in flames...
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