Sonic Syndicate – Soulstone Splinter

Sonic Syndicate
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исполнитель Sonic Syndicate

длительность 04:18

размер 5.88 MB

битрейт 181 kbps

загружено vdemon

Soulstone Splinter
Searching in the ruins of me, looking for answers Even though I’m all alone like an terminal cancer I raise my fist into the sky And realize it was all a lie You never told me, always lying The truth was that you were dying... Father is she with you? Beware I’m coming too... IT`S ALWAYS HARD TO LOSE SOMEONE THAT YOU LOVE BUT IN THE END YOU WILL ALWAYS BE FREE TO MEET THE ONES ABOVE DAMAGE IS DONE BUT NOTHING IS IN VAIN YOU WILL WALK TOGHETER AGAIN AND FORGET THE PAIN Soulstone splinters in my heart Crying for redemption My love for her is stronger Than the world’s foundation I raise my knife into the sky Everything is lost in a sigh An ocean of blood, bright light She takes my hand and helps me up...
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