Borgore – Nympho

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исполнитель Borgore

длительность 03:56

размер 9.46 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Pro-sti

Hey kids it's Borgore Do you know what's hardcore? Me shoving an elephant up your sister's back door She wants foreplay, I don't wanna play what for This bitch is so used, I wouldn't sell her at the second hand store 'Cause her pussy is so wide That you could put your head inside Bring ten of your friends And have yourself a ride I'm telling you this bitch is crazy She needs to be arrested She'll suck your dick so deep That you'll feel your dick digested Nympho I'm a nympho [x3] You can get in my pants, skip the intro I love my mom, my dad, and my dildo She's a nympho [x4] She likes to fuck all day, she never stops You'll be the two girls she'll be the cup Nympho... [x6]
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