Coldrain – Miss you

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исполнитель Coldrain

длительность 03:58

размер 3.80 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Natsumi_Uchiha

Miss you
I am lying here on a bad My eyes are closed but i am awake I wish the dream would never end You`d still be next to me I thought this would be easier I`do my thing and this would work But now i`m here try to find a song To make this emptiness disappear When all it is,is i miss you As days go by nights go long You`d think i`d find a better song But i`m still here trying to find a way To make this emptiness disappear But it still won`t disappear Cause everywhere i go you are always on my mind But i just wish you wouldn`t call me tonight Cause when i hear your voice it reminds me of the choice I made to not to always be by your side And every time you cry and keep the pain inside You lie for me with `everything`s allright` Now it`s hard to say it`s always hard to say I miss you...
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