Tricky – Pumpkin

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исполнитель Tricky

длительность 04:31

размер 6.50 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено vlad2005

Pumpkin Youre hollow kid More how Im to do Let the heart give us some Set the word seeds Like flowers they Shine out when I find what will make you Love me Life is our find Hollow is he (tricky section) So hollow Dont back Over someone who (? ) Follow thee How, how I feel (tricky section) So hollow How i Go on (tricky section) I cant breathe and I cant see Mtv moves too fast, I refuse to understand You go your way and Ill see mine Feels like wasted time And it feels like I must be blind Howd you like yourself, you dont know yourself I smell of she and I fail to be Well, anyway.. well, anyway.. well, anyway.. I cant breathe and I cant see I cant see and I cant breathe
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