Canibus – Indisible

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исполнитель Canibus

длительность 03:24

размер 8.15 MB

битрейт 255 kbps

загружено R1CARDO

[Canibus] I translate images over the distance Usually inflation premiss to the minus thirty-two second Back to the Canibus era My eponym is apparent Those who hear my efforts gotta give me the merit Off lyrics alone I'm a legend But I can't take credit, the English language was not my invention It's the way I put it together The incorrect English editor Can't nobody ever do it better People forget but the history will remember I plead guilty to the charge and accepted the sentence Let the records show I resisted under the pressure My short and precise to raise the measure [Hook] [Canibus] Hip-hop forever That's what I see when I look in the mirror Regardless of whether I'm not a bestseller I'm a first class spitter The literal literature ripper Painting pictures for intelligent listeners From any and all dispositions The fusion of what's written creates a fission called Canibus-ism The intellectual division of science and religion People waste their momentum trying to defend it All I do it put it to ink then put it to print See what you think, maybe I should speak to a shrink I could fix the way they look at the world They read all these books in a barrel But they can't think for themselves Self-contained, I'm all balls, belts and brains Muslim strong 'cause no one ever help Germaine [Hook] [Canibus] Observe the whole world's pain And tell me you ain't tired of brain The catholic faith will never be the same You could be put in chains 'cause you got a Muslim name Sent to Guantбnamo Bay and tortured for days Man, I'd rather buy some land and grow and orchard of grapes Drink vegetable juice and stay away from steaks and shakes and snakes These rancid corporations is fake Nobody ever gives you what they already didn't take Invest the wake, you'll be broke till you break Man you learn to pick a lock you wanna open a gate I mimic hater like flight simulators in air bases Recovered from an adverted spinner, now I'm famous Those who respond to Rip the Jacker with hate Show poor taste and only exacerbate their fate, get it right motherfucker Get it right, get a mic [Hook]
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