Мои Ракеты Вверх – Roller Coaster

Мои Ракеты Вверх
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исполнитель Мои Ракеты Вверх

длительность 04:15

размер 8.18 MB

битрейт 256 kbps

загружено Тера

she was a lonely kind of person never had a friend or someone and the girls she liked the most gave her dead seeds as a present and they told we'll best friends when all the seeds will grow in to plants and she ran home happily where she planted all dead seeds you don't know what you can get when you stepping (step in) further and all things inside you kept give more than you ever though insane mother moved'em from place to place 'cause she followed her man that turned her life in to quest he sended letters from that places where he lives today but thats a lie 'cause he's a coward and just ran away her only son was the only man in a house he new about dead seeds, the girls and his sisters whish he took a showel and wnet to the garden when the stars were out in the morning with the sun beams she saw young flowers on that place where she planted seeds she never knew it not even thought about it
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