Stella Getz – Yeah Yeah

Stella Getz
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исполнитель Stella Getz

длительность 03:16

размер 4.67 MB

битрейт 191 kbps

загружено samulet

Yeah Yeah
На гудок
A listen up 'n' loosen up ya' mind ya' let nobody bind ya' put ya' sorrows way 'n' way behind ya' Got to get to be a little crazy why don't you livin' it up ya fantasies get rid of all the lazy See ya self dancing' in the rain ya' let noone restrain ya' then can you take the sugar from the cane ya' what you do is up to you in case ya' thought someone could raise ya' look right in my face ya' Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Come on ... S.T.E. to the double L.A.) Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Ah Yeah ... that's who I am 'n' I play it my way) How would you like to have a good time Nothing like you should time nevertheless a something that you would time believe in yourself believe in yourself n' period just party on if you get locked into a pyramid take my advice n' drop illusions to tha' mental fusion set your mind free is tha' conclusion One way or the other liberate ya' you don't have to wait ya' check the bate ya' Yeah Yeah Yeah ...
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