Howie Day – Perfect Time of Day

Howie Day
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исполнитель Howie Day

длительность 04:02

размер 3.86 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

Perfect Time of Day
[Verse 1:] It's the perfect time of day It's the last day of your life Don't let it drift away While your heart is still racing It's the perfect time of day [Chorus:] And you wont feel a thing And you wont recall anything at all [Verse 2:] Close your eyes and take your last breath Press your head aside, the end is the beginning Everyone between is so lost, so lost. [Chorus] [Bridge:] Let your colors collide The time is so right I keep running behind But I know your meaning You love to fall (...) The perfect time of day [Chorus] [Outro:] Wooooo it's the perfect time of day Come on now It's the perfect time of day it's the perfect time with you
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