Helloween – If a Mountain Could Talk

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исполнитель Helloween

жанр Метал

длительность 06:44

размер 16.17 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

If a Mountain Could Talk
We hurt who we love we destroy what we need For profit we sell our souls We're sowing disaster, the mess is complete, Resources will soon be consumed Open your eyes see the signs all around; Hoping fate will have mercy on all Someday the next generation will pay But one day it? s too late to regret If a mountain could talk it would tell us a story To reign in love means just how to say sorry If an ocean could cry we would drown in it?s tears Dusk breaks to dawn, Which we cannot survive without love Time passes by, time?s gonna fly Life is much too short to understand it Don?t even try Time passes by, time?s gonna fly Don?t fill up your heart with hate and anger Give it a try I know that things are going wrong sometimes But then we need to get it right I feel the pressure’s so intense, sometimes, I know we need a change tonight. If a mountain could talk it ......... Always on time always right on track Expectations are set to the limit Is it too late is there no turning back All I need is a moment in peace
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