Fun Factory – I Miss Her

Fun Factory
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исполнитель Fun Factory

длительность 06:06

размер 14.67 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

I Miss Her
Music: Guy Simone Lyrics: Guy Simone deep in thought and oh so far away thinking about the pleasures that we shared night and day my life my love will never remain the same without you praying for my lover to return she's waiting for my lesson to be learned without a doubt I know she wants to flirt it hurts so real so real Chorus: but I miss her miss her oh I really miss her I miss her oh miss I miss you miss her miss her I can't even kiss her I miss her oh miss I miss you deep in my mind I see us sailing yes you and I in the sea of love you brought me here and left me sailing and now I must find my way back to you 'cos loving you brings so much pleasure touching you is all I need I should be here waiting for you yes one day my love you'll be there Chorus
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