Dj.S@yLeZ – Music is my life

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исполнитель Dj.S@yLeZ

длительность 03:00

размер 2.88 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Dj_SayLezZz

Music is my life
На гудок
Refrain: Music is my life, music is the key Cause the rhythm’s gonna get me, music takes me higher Music is my life, music is the key You’re my first, you’re my last, you are burning like afire Nananananananana, nananananana Nananananananana, let’s sing together Rap 1: Say go, say when, say now, say hit-it, Ready to rumble dance here we go So, going up and down round and round on and on Jo - how to throw a pair of dice Be hot, be cool, be cold as ice This is the time you better don’t think twice Be nice, emergency Go maad, go wild, go nasty, go free Like a maniac, you’re feeling wild with me Ringdingdong ringadinga ding dong In a seventies style, it’s a BoBo song Time for the old school, play that track Mister deejay - bring the beat back, bring it back Place is packed, so many different people All ages and races, sweet faces Come from different places Get on the floor you better dance tonight, music is my life Rap 2: Five, four, three, two, one here we go, Get dressed get going it’s time for the show Now tonight is the night we’re dancing you know How - how to dive in the sea of sounds Right place, right time, right moment, right spot Everybody in the place feel hot and dance Wiggle around you better take this chance Feel free, feel wild, feel crazy, feel young Like kids are playing, have some fun Everyday like a playball, everybody party all Day no work, I’ll play, okay, hooray, summer holiday Dance to the beat of the street Where the heat is on, till the break of dawn We gonna moove on strong - sing this song Everybody in the place enjoy the party, music is my life Mid-Part: When I’m lonely Music Guides me through the night I’m feeling fine When I’m happy Music is inside of me It takes me higher
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